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The Victorian Conservatory is yet another traditional classic which is suitable for both older traditional looking property and even a modern home. The hexagon shaped front is great way to get a beautiful view of the whole garden, the bay windows are great at letting a lot of light into the area. The vicorian conservatory is by far the most popular design as most customers like the fact its very versatile and there is no limit to for the shape and size of the roof.

The material available is uPVC, however there is wide range of colours and effects such as woodgrain or you can have the dual colour option by having the exterior and interior different. Yu can personalise the choice of base wall, different windows, doors and also a variety of roofs.

By speaking to our designers you can make your conservatory as unique as possible ranging from window openings the height of the walls and also the choice of door. You can also your finishing decorative touches such as the ornate cresting, finals and patterned glass. For more information or to get a quote why not contact us for a chat.