We do not manufacture our own products, we work closely with our supplier Stevenage glass which supply us with the highest quality glass.
Our quotes Depends on the size of the windows and doors and also taking into account the type of glass used will determine the charges.
All our customers are covered by GGFI insurance back guarantee, also the windows and doors are guaranteed 10 years by London Professional Windows
Double glazed windows are a double or triple glass window panels which is separated by gas filled space to reduce heat transfer.
Double glazing helps reduce heat transfer, it is also cost effective as it reduces your energy bill.
Double glazed windows can reduce some of the noise pollution outside but is not completely sound proof, if you would like complete sound proof you will need to inform our staff on their visit for acoustic glass.
There is no environmental harm caused by double glazed windows. It is also the greener option has it saves energy bills for households.
Triple Glazed is three panels of glass spaced with gas between the panels.
Comparing to the double glazed windows the triple glazed windows do reduce noise pollution further more.
Triple glaze windows is highly effective in reducing your energy costs as the transfer of heat is highly reduced.
Triple glazed windows are highly effective in reducing sound pollution and reducing heat transfers, however they are more expensive than double glazing and the window frame is also larger than double glazed.
Our windows and door need minimal care, they also come with 10 year guarantee
This will depend on the number of windows and doors being installed, however we aim to do it in the as soon as possible as we understand home maintance can be annoying
All windows and doors are bespoke, no one window is the same as another. So therefore everything is made to measure.
We do also provide window repair, we will send one of our expert surveyors to assess the window.